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Design Law School Graduation

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In the spring of 2019, Herman's wife started planning for his law school graduation. He wanted to give him the party that properly celebrated a long time goal coming to fruition.

During our Initial Design consultation his wife talked to me about his love for paisley patterns and that she wanted something fun but formal to send to his family and friends.

We decided on the 3 projects that would be included in the Graduation Event Design, Graduation Announcement/Invitation, Graduation Portraits, and an unique woodwork piece to be displayed on a grass wall at his graduation party.

My first ideas revolved around creating a unique pattern for the future juris doctorate. I started by drawing the "scales of justice" icons (design to the left) in Adobe Illustrator. I used this icon to create the pattern used on the final product of the seals, invitation, and envelope liners.

...projects that would be included are Graduation Announcement/Invitation, Graduation Portraits.

Invitation Design

Herman's graduations photos worked great into the fun yet serious vibe of his invitations. We ended up adding the envelope liners and seal to brighten up the white envelopes. It was a real nice touch the somewhat boring white envelopes.

Custom Wood Project

Building off the invitation suite, I created his event wood piece. The wood project was a huge hit and lots of photos were taken in front of it during the event. The project is still in use in the graduates home office.

This project ended up being a lot of fun and really set the mood for the graduation party.

That's it for now. I'll keep designing, and you keep dreaming. Let's see what we come up with next!




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