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Designing for Graduation

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The beginning stages of event planning is my absolute favorite time of the creative process. To me, those moments bring to life the Merryrenée motto, "Imagine.Design.Breathe." 

In May 2020, a repeat client recommended my services to Amelia as she began planning for her college graduation in August. This celebration was significant to the client as she was receiving her BA after pursuing family and professional life goals.  The client wanted to make sure that the magnitude of her accomplishment was represented in the portfolio of products she was requesting.

During the initial consultation, Amelia indicated that she wanted her personal portfolio of products to include graduation photographs, announcements, a memory book, and perhaps event photography, if COVID allowed.  Event or not, she wanted her theme to be built around the quote, "She believed she could, so she did!" 

The *Event Design Suite* was a perfect fit for her!

The *Event Design Suite* began with creating a fun logo out of her name that would be placed on all of the subsequent material. The logo concept is brought to life by designing a brand outline, using the information collected and discussed during the first consultation. 

Above, is the agreed upon design board used to create her final looks. Below you'll see not only the first draft to her invitation suite but also the final design. The client decided to finish off the look with a bronze rose gold for the envelopes. It popped just right.

Fun fact! There are over 50 different envelope colors that can be used and curated to match your special project?

The graduate looked absolutely stunning on photography day. It was important to me, for the theme of the design, that we captured movement and power for the cover of the announcement, followed up with a more traditional headshot for the reverse.

To add to the excitement her husband contacted me a few days before the scheduled shoot to see if we could work in some surprise shots at his favorite monument. It was hard keeping this group of photos away from her because by the end of shoot she was glowing. 

With a drastically reduced guest list the client was able to move forward with her event in August, which allowed me the opportunity to photograph her once again. It was beautiful event and full of her loving spirit.

To wrap our time together, we are currently in the beginning stages of designing her memory photobook. I'll keep you posted on the final outcome.

Until then, keep imagining, designing, and always breathe.


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