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Merry Invitation Suite - A+B

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

When I took on this project in 2016, little did I know it would grow from helping with a website to building an invitation suite, creating graphics, and curating a memory book. This project was a lot of fun to create, and marks the beginning of the Wedding Design Suite.

Working with A+B was a breeze because the two of them came with some great ideas. Our first consultation was a lot like a brainstorming session. A lot of what the first consultation entails is listening to the client. It’s in the listening that I’m able to catch the dream, and also pick out the things that would be a nightmare. Like I said, A+B were a breeze, before arriving, they had already nailed down their theme, "In it for the Long Run." As avid runners, A+B wanted running included in their design suite, but not in a "cheesy" way, so I knew immediately that I wanted to create a running picture of them.

The project started taking shape in January, after I built their wedding branding guidelines and announcements. They were planning a destination wedding in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico so the idea of travel and passports really followed through the design ideas.

"Our first consultation was a lot like a brainstorming session."


We started with the Wedding Save The Dates, we were careful to make sure that we selected envelopes that would be different from the final invitation envelopes. They wanted their Save the dates to stand out and show traveling, so the “luggage tag” theme really got that point across. A simple seal, which included their running characters, was added to give the envelope an extra pop.

Event Photography was added to the suite in July. Having bridal party photos added some crisp images to the final Wedding Party Memory Books.

Next, we moved to the Wedding Invitations, which the bride and groom wanted to be as close to realistic passports as possible. This meant fixing the size to 5"x3.5" and we used 8 pages. To standardize the size, we added an invitation pocket, plus a keepsake photo of the couple.

This wasn't your typical invitation, it included important information regarding the resort, helpful tips, and the couple's story.

To help make this an affordable option, the couple chose to only send to guests who RSVP'd and submitted deposits for the destination festivities. This wasn't your typical invitation, it included important details about the resort, helpful tips, and about the couple details.

By September of 2017, with the wedding weekend quickly approaching, we started designing the wedding weekend assets. This included the Wedding Favors - Shot Glasses, Ceremony Agenda, and Wedding Weekend Itinerary. I was particularly proud of the Welcome Wedding Weekend Itinerary, multiple wedding guests commented that they thought the piece was from the resort!

...multiple wedding guests commented that they thought the piece was from the resort!

Post Wedding Projects:

We wrapped the year long project with Thank You Cards, Wedding Book with Layflat Pages, and a unique Guest Memory Magazine. They sent the Memory Magazine to the wedding party and it included photographs collected from over the weekend event. A great follow-up gift of memories!

This project taught me so much. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity and trust my client’s put in me to help bring their vision to life.

Imagine, Design, and Breathe.


Vendor Also Featured:

Wedding Photography & Engagement Photography: Jon M. Bennet Photography -


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